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Other features, which are making the DVBViewer unique
The DVBViewer does not only support ATSC,DVB-S(2),-T,-C and ISDB transmissions, even DVB-IPTV via internet is possible!
Do you want to watch TV and listen to Radio everywhere in your home? The DVBViewer might be the ideal choice, since you can stream the transmission through your home network. You don't even need a PC to display these streams, since the DVBViewer Recording Service is a complete UPnP AVServer.
Streaming SD / HD LiveTV and recodings to your televisions, the PS3 or other compatible UPnP clients has never been easier. Even streaming to your iPhone/iPod/iPad is possible.
Does your tv provider encrypt its content, this is NOT a problem at all! The DVBViewer can handle most PC compatible CI/CAM solutions available.



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