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Delivery: Download (~20 MB)

Payment Information for HbbTV/MHEG-5 Engine:
via Postal:
Christian Hackbart
Schubertstr. 23
99096 Erfurt/Germany

We do no longer accept cheques as an alternative, since the fees are partially higher than the amount of 16.0 Euro!
via Bank Transfer:
Bernd Hackbart CMUV
Account Number: 600003280
Sorting Number Adress (Bank Adress): 82051000 / Sparkasse Mittelthüringen
IBAN: DE03 8205 1000 0600 0032 80
Transferreason: HbbTV/MHEG-5 Engine + Email-Adresse
via Paypal:*
Once you transfered the money, you will get a personalized confirmation email with your login code. Since these mails are manually created it might take a few minutes (usually not more than one hour) till we send them. If it takes more than one day feel free inform us about it.

*Our office is closed between 22°° GMT and 07°° GM. We regret any inconvenience caused.

Since some email provider seems to block our registration mails sometime, please make sure that you try to use one of those free mailers like hotmail, yahoo, gmx etc. for getting contact to us.
Attention: The addon does only work in combination with a valid DVBViewer licence!

How do you receive the HbbTV/MHEG-5 Engine?

You will receive the premium content after payment of 16.0€ via link. You have three different methods to pay the ammount:

  • Either send the money via postal to Christian Hackbart, Schubertstr. 23, 99096 Erfurt. Make sure that the banknotes are wrapped safe in the envelope in order to avoid and keep in mind that your eMail Adress is written correctly!

  • Transfer the money to the following Account: Bernd Hackbart, Account Number: 60000 3280, Bank Adress 82051000 at the Sparkasse Mittelthüringen. Also add the following information as transfer reason: „HbbTV/MHEG-5 Engine“ plus your E-Mail-Adress. The "@" should be written as "AT". In your case it would be: Email-Adresse

  • Credit card payment via Paypal - the fastest method.

Once we received the incoming payment, the additional content will be unlocked in the members area and you receive a password in order to unlock the HbbTV/MHEG-5 Engine.

Important: Please make sure that you spelled your E-Mail-Adress properly and that you are able to receive eMails from us...

For the purchase of plugins/extensions and in case you forgot your lost your installation credentials you need to provide the e-mail address you originally used when you bought the DVBViewer Pro.
Should that e-mail address no longer exist our shopping system tries to automatically assign your new purchase to an existing customer/user account. If that fails we will contact you with an e-mail request for provide the original account data. We will then send you the credentials ASAP.

The MHEG-5 implementation only supports offline mode, like regular STB's without internet connections.


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