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New DVB Viewer Page

Price change

Dear Customers, Dear Community,

we are proud to announce the 20th DVBViewer anniversary. Here you can have a look at the beginning.

However, due to the current situation we have to consider how we can proceed with DVBViewer and associated projects. Streaming services are increasingly replacing traditional linear TV, thus decreasing the need for (and also the choice of) DVB hardware. This also affects our work. We are facing a situation where the expenses are about to outstrip the earnings. Besides taxes, fees for financial service providers and similar expenses the server costs money, as well as the forum software, new hardware and of course our work.
So far we were able to compensate shortfalls. However, now we have reached a point at which we have to react in order to keep DVBViewer alive. At first this includes the following changes:

  1. Beginning with July 1, 2022 we will increase the price for DVBViewer by 2 Euro to 22 Euro.
  2. The prices for add-ons will also be increased by 2 Euro each beginning with July 1,2022. Thus the DVBViewer Media Server will cost 21 Euro, the HbbTV/MHEG add-on 16 Euro and the Video Editor 23 Euro.
  3. Due to the administrative costs we will not restore lost licence keys and not convert old user data (valid up to September 2010) into new ones anymore. This means, DVBViewer or add-ons have to be purchased again in these cases. Therefore we highly recommend to create a safe user data backup. More information about it below.
We hope you will understand that these measures are inevitable. In any case we want to thank at this point all users who have supported our work and the provisioning of free updates by voluntarily buying additional licences. We hope that we will succeed in continuing DVBViewer development with the help of users and the DVBViewer community for further years as usual. A backup of DVBViewer user data includes
  1. the user name (the mail address used for the DVBViewer purchase, even if it is no valid mail address anymore).
  2. the passwords that have been obtained via e-mail after the purchase of products.
  3. the key file that has been obtained after the DVBViewer purchase via e-mail.
The username and the DVBViewer password are displayed by KeyTool.exe from the DVBViewer program directory, the password for add-ons after clicking "Unlock". The key file has the file extension .dvbkey and is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\DVBViewer Shared. Please store this data at a safe place, that is not affected if your PC suddenly breaks down.


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